Crawling under white skin: A poem

Different, but now the same.

A name change to hide the shame.

Forever locked just outside

A culture and language never to be mine.

Privileged pale skin masks a caste confined to the past.

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My guest post for Emily Writes – Travelling long-haul with a toddler: It’s a privilege

I was lucky enough to write something a bit different for a guest post this week on Emily Writes, a fantastic alternative parenting blog. It’s all about the privilege (yes really!) of travelling long-haul with a toddler.

In the words of one reader it explores how “we’re so caught up in ourselves and our problems, but our problems are privileges to many others”.

You can read it here

And the award goes to….me?

So I’ve been nominated for an award…!! That was unexpected!! Thank you so much for nominating me Katherine of A Hansen Chronicle. Being very new to this blogging lark it really is a boost to know that a few people are reading, and even enjoying, what I write 🙂 The best thing about this nomination is that it encouraged me to read other blogs so that I can pass on the award, so thank you. I also need to apologise for my tardiness in posting this as I have been travelling for the past month. You can find out more about the award, my reflections and my nominations below. Continue reading

Here’s looking at you kid

It’s probably not a coincidence that I have started looking into my family’s past now that I’ve created a little human of my own. It’s funny what these little people do to you. The nappies and sleep deprivation are a cliched given. Blah blah. But no one warned me that today I would be trapped on the sofa for an hour while my 2 year old used me as a human slide. That I would voluntarily hop around my son’s ballet class like a bunny rabbit. That most days I am outsmarted by said 2 year old. And that I would love every (ok, almost every) second of it. Continue reading

Lest we forget: The courage to care

Today is a significant anniversary, but chances are you won’t have heard of it.

If I told you that 3000 men, women and children were massacred on the night of 2 August within the last 100 years in Europe would it surprise you that it’s not well known?

What about if I told you that hundreds of thousands of others died alongside them within a few short years? Surely you would have heard of that right? Actually, maybe not. Continue reading

Spilling the beans: Family secrets

I’ve been on a hunt for my family. For our history and our culture. The names, the dates, the places. But most of all I have been hunting for the secrets. The juicy stuff.

I guess every family has them, but I reckoned there were a fair few secrets lurking in our past. The rumour mill was rife with them. A family name change that swept a generation, Romani roots and the silence of the older generations.
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